Doric and Coronet


The WAHL-EVERSHARP Doric and Coronet pens are probably the most Deco of the Pens made during the middle of the Art-Deco era.  Art Deco objects from thus time frame include straight edge geometric elements including triangles and rectangles  combined with other linear and faceted elements often on brightly colored or shiny surfaces. There are probably no better examples of this style of industrial design then the WAHL-EVERSHARP pens from this timeframe.

Here is a tray of available DORIC and CORONET Pens and pencils you might like to acquire.  Feel free to email us to learn more about them.  Items shown in red have been sold and are no longer available.

1.First Generation Doric Senior in Kashmir Pyroxylin. 2.Doric Popular Price in Burma Pyroxylin 3.First Generation Doric Senior in Cathay Pyroxylin, 4. First Generation Doric mechanical pencil in Cathay Pyroxylin, 5.First Generation “Purse Pen” Doric Soldier Clip in Cathay Pyroxylin, 6.Gold Bond (Eversharp private label manufacture for Montgomery Ward ) in Morocco Pyroxylin, 7.First Generation Doric Senior in Morocco Pyroxylin, 8.Second Generation Doric in Jet Black Pyroxylin, 9.Doric Popular Price in Kashmir Pyroxylin, 10.Second Generation Doric in Green Shell with visualated ink supply barrel, 11.Second Generation Doric Mechanical Pencil to match #10 in Green Shell, 12.EVERSHARP Coronet Gold Filled, 13.Wahl Pen in engine turned Check/Chevron pattern with #5 Nib, 14.Coronet Plastic body mechanical pencil Green Shell, 15.Coronet Plastic body mechanical pencil Green Marble plastic, 16.Coronet Plastic body mechanical pencil Black, 17.Coronet Plastic body mechanical pencil Dubonnet with original factory sticker, 18.Coronet Plastic body mechanical pencil in Burma type plastic, 19.Coronet Plastic body mechanical pencil Black