1. What Ink should I use in my WAHL-EVERSHARP pen?

Well, the natural answer, if self-serving on the surface is our WAHL-EVERSHARP Ink. It has been formulated to work well in our pens. Recognizing that our own ink is limited to 2 colors at present we realize you may wish to use other brands. Our pens like most other fountain pens thrive on ink that has a PH of between 4.5 and 6.5 making it slightly acidic. Inks outside of that range can damage most pens especially if on the Alkaline side (above 6.5). While you may find success using inks outside of this range, you do so at your own risk. Using inks outside of this range may damage some of the metal fittings or other internal parts and some of our Stainless-Steel nibs and void your warranty.

2. How do I fill my pen?

Filling instructions are found inside the WAHL-EVERSHARP booklet that came with your new pen. If your booklet is lost or otherwise unavailable, you can click on THIS LINK to see how to fill your pen.

3. What is the DOUBLE CHECK CLUB and how do I join?

The DOUBLE CHECK CLUB is our way of rewarding purchasers of modern (since 2012) WAHL-EVERSHARP pens. Membership is somewhat automatic in that when a new customer purchases a pen from us on our website their purchase is entered in our database and eligible for the DOUBLE CHECK CLUB benefits. Original owners of our pens purchased from our Authorized Resellers become members when they register their pen(s) on our website which also activates their warranty protection. Membership entitles the member to open the DOUBLE CHECK CLUB web page on our website where the latest WAHL-EVERSHARP news, products, member discounts and promotion codes are shown. Members will receive periodic “insider” emails announcing new products, early-bird specials, off-website limited editions and member benefits.

4. Does WAHL-EVERSHARP produce limited editions or special editions not seen on the WAHL-EVERSHARP website or at WAHL-EVERSHARP Authorized Resellers?

Yes, from time to time, we create special numbered, limited editions of our pens. Usually these are regularly shown as part of our on-line website or reseller-available inventories. Sometimes these are so few in number that they are made available only to Double Check Club members, or by special website or social media announcements. By the very nature of our “Boutique Manufacturer philosophy or the size of our “short” production runs the total number of any particular pen color or material may be limited to the total whatever number of pens we can get out of the unique, rare or limited supply of the rod stock involved. In this way almost all of our pens are of such limited number that WAHL-EVERSHARP pens will never be produced in the thousands, making every WAHL-EVERSHARP pen somewhat “limited” in nature. That is, without purposely trying to make a pen model limited, we simply may decide to stop after making 50 or less of a model. So, A WAHL-EVERSHARP pen will always be relatively rare compared to other brands.


5. Why has my Pen begun to skip or hard to start after writing a few lines?

  1. One reason surprisingly often overlooked is that the pen is running out of ink and needs to be filled.
  2. The nib tines have become separated at rest due to some over-flexing or some other cause. To restore the factory “tine tips touching” each other position the user can pinch the nib shoulders firmly which should reshape the nib closer to the feed shape and also return the nib tine tips to close proximity to one another.
  3. The section finger grip part of the pen or the nib feed collar within the section finger grip part has become loose. In that case tighten these parts by turning the clockwise when facing the pen head-on USING FINGERS ONLY (No tools) to do so.
  4. There may be an obstruction in the feed channel or a significant mis-alignment of the nib on the feeder below the nib. In these cases, the pen will require warranty or repair services available from your Reseller or us.

6. What makes WAHL-EVERSHARP pens “Personal Point”?

The Personal Point design is yet another faithful recreation of a feature originally designed into our pens way back in 1928. The pen nib may be changed by simply unscrewing it from the section and replacing it with another. This makes it possible to replace the original nib with the newer options as they become available.

7. Can I get a Solid Gold nib option on my Skyline pen that doesn’t nearly double the price of the pen?

Our 18k nib option will add about $80 or less than 30% to the average cost of our Skyline pens. Our Skyline Award Collection pens come with the 18k two-tone, solid-gold nib at no extra cost. All other pen Series come with Solid Gold nibs.

8. What nibs come with Wahl-Eversharp pens?

Please click HERE to see the variety of nib choices available on WAHL-EVERSHARP pens.

9. Do I have to be limited to Proprietary ink cartridges with WAHL-EVERSHARP Pens?

Wahl-Eversharp SKYLINE pens use universal (standard long Waterman style) cartridges, available from many ink suppliers today.

10. How do I care for my Wahl-Eversharp pen?

Fountain Pen Cleaning

Periodic Service: It is a good practice to empty the pen of ink and flush the filling system with cool water once a month.

  • The pen should be thoroughly flushed clean before changing ink color.
  • Follow the pen instructions for emptying ink if necessary. Refill with cold water and expel several times until expelled liquid is clear. On the last 2 flushes, tip the pen tip upward to be sure the water reaches the back into the internal ink cavity then flush a last time or 2 (Never use warm or hot water or any chemicals).
  • It is not recommended to store the pen filled with water.
  • Wipe thoroughly.
  • Store your pen in a cool, dry, dark place.
  • Always be careful to not store or display your pen where sunlight, strong fluorescent light may contact the pen. Do not store your pen where fumes from cedar or other natural or synthetic chemicals will contact the pen (If you can smell the storage area material it is probably not a good place to store your pen).