History of Pensbury Manor

PENSbury Manor, founded in 2004, offers fine vintage and classic writing instruments, and Accessories as well as Repair and Restoration services. From the outset, Pensbury Manor focused on the classic WAHL-EVERSHARP brand. PENSBURY MANOR quickly became the “go-to” WAHL-EVERSHARP provider. It became the springboard for its founder to create the new WAHL-EVERSHARP Company in 2012. From 2012, to 2020, it produced the modern revival of the WAHL-EVERSHARP DECOBAND, SKYLINE, SIGNATURE and soon the DORIC fountain pens. That company was sold in 2020 to The Pen Family. However, Pensbury Manor remains as the Official WAHL-EVERSHARP accessories provider. You will find official WAHL-EVERSHARP inks, apparel, and pen pouches and other accessories on these pages.


In 2021, PENSbury Manor returned to its vintage pen roots with the re-emphasis on sales, service and preservation of these great pens.   With hundreds of Pen Manufacturers past and present, it is near impossible for the typical pen dealer or repairer to adequately cover them all. While we are very familiar with and handle many other famous brands, by being a specialist in Wahl-Eversharp, PENSbury Manor is able to maintain adequate parts and service know-how to offer authentic vintage parts and authoritative repair services. This includes the ability to repair damaged celluloid plastics from our stocks of period correct celluloid. We are still the “go-to” plunger fill Doric repair specialist for example. Expressive handwriting relies on the skill of the writer and the utility of the writing instrument. Vintage WAHL-EVERSHARPs’ legendary hand wrought special alloy pen nibs have long been considered the most expressive pen points ever produced. We endeavor to maintain stocks of these fine nibs to be used in our restoration services.

Eversharph Doric

PENSbury Manor specializes in WAHL, WAHL-EVERSHARP, and EVERSHARP writing instruments including EVERSHARP , WAHL Tempoint, WAHL Signature, WAHL-EVERSHARP Gold Seal Flat Top, WAHL-EVERSHARP Equi-poised, Eversharp Doric, WAHL-EVERSHARP Oxford, Eversharp Coronet, Eversharp Pacemaker, Eversharp Fifth Avenue, Eversharp Skyline, Eversharp Symphony, Eversharp Ventura pens and pencils as well as Wahl – Eversharp Desk Sets and Ephemera


And we still offer the Famous PENSbury Manor Pen Potions to help the hobbyist along the way to repair and restore vintage pens!

You have our pledge that all items are described as accurately as possible,  that the item you see is the actual item you will get and that we will always deal fairly with you.  Please email us about anything you are interested in. we will reply as soon as possible.