Special Order Request

Although we have taken great care to create a variety of pens and accessories with many characteristics that appeal to most purchasers, there may be some special requests from customers. If you have a special request for a customized pen or gifting options or shipping arrangements, please feel free to click on the link to open up a Special Request email and tell us what you want.  SPECIAL ORDER REQUEST >>

You will receive a reply email that confirms our ability to handle the request and the associated cost.  Upon your approval of our cost quote, we will send you a secure invoice, and you can pay securely through PayPal to initiate your order. 

We reserve the right to email you about your order and future product requests, etc. The PENSbury MANOR, LLC, is an Arizona Limited Liability Corporation, with its head office located at 2241 E NICOLET AVE, PHOENIX AZ, 85251.

All matters related to products, warranties, and other policy matters should be directed to the Head Office address located at 2241 E NICOLET AVE, PHOENIX, AZ, 85251. Phone: 925-786-7805 Fax: 888-430-4295