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How We Got Here

Pensbury Manor is home to information, products and services related to writing, writing instruments and accessories. Founded in 1997 when owner Syd Saperstein took his passion for vintage pens online, Pensbury Manor has offered a variety of products, services and reference information for the pen enthusiasts all over the globe. Due to Syd’s passion for pens made by The WAHL Company, WAHL-EVERSHARP, and EVERSHARP, Inc, you will find a lot of material focused on these products. You’ll find Iconic Vintage Pens like the DECOBAND, the DORIC and the SKYLINE. You’ll find items to help with pen restoration like the famous PENSBURY MANOR PEN POTIONS, or writing accessories like our Classic PH balanced WAHLBERRY AND EVERBERRY inks, We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site whether you are a shopper looking for vintage pens and accessories or just looking to learn more about the fabulous world of vintage and classic pens.

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