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WAHL-EVERSHARP SILVER CREST 6-piece Bronze Desk Set c. 1920's

bronsze desk set.png

Perhaps the ultimate desktop Vintage Writing enthusiast "statement". A beautiful example of  the well appointed desk one would have seen in an executive's office in the early to mid 20th century.  6 Pieces in all: 1)WAHL-EVERSHARP DESK PEN Green-Bronze Gold Seal Pen mounted on Silver Crest Perpetual Calendar Letter Caddy Center Photo above., 2) Desk Pad Blotter ~ 24x36", 3)Bronze covered memo pad, 4)Bronze covered Address book 5)Bronze litted small items box, 6)A cigar type Ashtray with tensioned wire ash duster.  While this pen related accessory set might appeal to pen people alone, this set will appeal to the large Silver Crest collectible community too.  Silver Crest made the finest quality Bronze desk accessories. One piece of this set is Engraved with the Monogram BJK, Jr. $800 USA.  Please contact for Interntional Price as the desk Pad Blotter being oversized will require special handling.


Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 4.42.36 PM.png

1&2. Often Mistaken for a Doric because of its pocket clip and the plunger fill, this Round VacuumFiller  Eversharp was introduced at the very end of the Doric era and may be one of the rarer Eversharp Vacuum Fillers. This Pen and Pencil Set is one of the best in form and function from fountain pens's golden age.  WAS $365 NOW $345

3.  Same description as 1&2 above except for the color which is a lovely gray mixed pearl somewhat reminiscent of Waterman's Moss Agate Flexible 14K nib. $285

4) Senior Size Lever Filler Doric in an uncatalogued color Celluloid that has become known as Cammo. $265

5. Lovely Red Shell 2nd Generation Doric being sold here as a pen and pencil set or a Pen and bonus pencil WAS $425 NOW $395

6. Rare Cathay Celluloid 1st Generation Pencil only.  Pen No Longer Available.  Engraved "Radio Distributing Company" (which interestingly was Detroit based division of Auto-Electric Sales & Service Corporation. selling Atwater Kent radios.  $95

7. Golden Shell 2nd Gen. DORIC Plunger Vac filler Pen and Pencil Set With Original Box. Fully Restored and ready to write.  Fine Flexible 14K Nib some ambering on cap top(WAS$650) NOW $550

8. 2nd Generation DORIC Lever Fill Fountain Pen in Blue Shell  2nd Gen. fine ADJUSTABLE NIB. Fully restored and ready to write. $475


9. Oversized 2nd Generation Doric Plunger Vac filler in Amethyst Shell Celluloid.  Large Adjustable nib   $625

2nd Gen. Doric Plunger Vac Fill
REDUCED $50 off

Doric Amethyst shell set 523.png
Amethyst doric set523.png

Amethyst Shell Pen and Pencil set in original metal box.  A very nice Doric pen and pencil set in Amethyst Shell Celluloid.  Flexible Nib Fully restored and ready to write in original metal clamshell box  was $625 PRICE REDUCED to $575 with USA shipping; was $660 PRICE REDUCED to $595 with International Shipping 

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1) WAHL-EVERSHARP #2 Ring Top Fountain pen in Lazulitic Blue Pyralin $155.

2) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 roller clip student pen in Black Hard Rubber Grecian Border pattern Fine Manifold nib $225

3)WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 roller clip student pen in Black Hard Rubber Grecian Border pattern Very Flexible #3 nib $210

4)WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 roller clip student pen in Black Pyralin Celluloid Semi-Flexible Stub nib nib $275 

5) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 roller clip student pen in Red Hard Rubber Grecian Border pattern  Celluloid, Flexible #2 nib $375

6)WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 roller clip student pen in Black Hard Rubber Chevron/Dart pattern Semi-Flexible nib  $250


7) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 Tulip Clip Jr. size in Jade Green Pyralin Celluloid Extra Fine #2 Flexible Gold Seal nib $275

8) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 Tulip Clip full size black hard rubber Grecian Border pattern #4 Manifold nib $275

9) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 Tulip Clip full size Red Hard Rubber Grecian Border pattern #4 Flexible nib $325

10) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 Tulip Clip Full size in Rosewood hard rubber with signature#4 Signature  nib. $265

11) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 Tulip Clip Jr. size in Rosewood Hard Rubber with Manifold #2 fine nib. $275

12) WAHL-EVERSHARP 1927 Tulip Clip Jr. size in Rosewood Hard Rubber with Super flex #2 WAHL nib $275

Complete 5-piece Equi-Poised Combo Pens and Pencil Set
REDUCED by $100 
Sold @ San Francisco Pen Show
Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 10.11.36 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 3.33.29 PM.png

Reduced to $775+

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2023-04-21 10.48.49.png
2023-04-21 11.01.08.png

WAHL-EVERSHARP 1924-28 ALL METAL Mint in Box with original price wrappers. Beautifully engraved "Julia".  A gift apparently never used by the presumably sweet Julia.  A very Flexible 14K WAHL nib in original box!  Graded 9 of 10  $225 - $250 depending on destination.   shipping included

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2023-02-22 10.44.51.png

WAHL-EVERSHARP Rarely ever seen unless you are able to visit aficionado collectionsVermeil gold fill on silver Grecian Border pattern Mechanical Pencil. Original factory sticker/wrap in original box. This pencil was made in the same pattern as a Fountain Pen of the same motif (if you can find one today, What a set you'll have!) Graded 10 of 10  $200- 225 NOW $180-$205 including shipping,,, Depending on destination

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