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Now you can bring back the deep black color and  luster your black Ebonite, hard rubber and Bakelite dashboard knobs, switches steering wheels, horn buttons, shift knobs and other parts they once enjoyed when they were young and perky.  Use Pensbury Manor’s  GREAT KNOBS!™   to reblacken the oxidized, faded and browned out color that time and exposure to the elements has caused!  GREAT  KNOBS!  uses the very coloring agent that was used when the knobs were originally made.  Pensbury Manor’s  GREAT KNOBS!  is a dye that penetrates the rubber surface pores and bonds with the original rubber in a most satisfactory way.  It is a water based, black liquid dye that bonds with rubber but will not bond with metal so clean up is a snap.   The resulting restored color can be hand  buffed to a nice sheen as you can see in the after pictures.  GREAT KNOBS! comes in 1 and 2 oz. bottles – enough to restore from 25-50 normal size knobs and switches. GREAT KNOBS! now comes with a applicator brush and a white paint pencil so you can white-fill lettering.


SKU: 364215376135199
  • GREAT KNOBS! has been successfully used by vintage car collectors and restorers since 2004.  In all that time not one bottle has ever been returned! Now that's customer satisfaction!  It's the same GREAT KNOBS! as seen in Vintage car magazines and car club groups on-line. 

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