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After several years of formula research and blending Pensbury Manor Pen Potion No.7 has proven to be an effective, “pen-friendly” solution. Pennsbury Manor Pen Potion No.7 is a clear liquid used to penetrate the smallest friction fit and screw fit surface interfaces, lubricating the friction fit area, making the separation of parts easier and less prone to damage.  Many Plastics, Hard Rubber, Metal, and other pen materials become stuck together due to oxidation, shrinkage, or interlocking shape conformity.  Removing sections and other pen parts, even with the application of heat, can not always be accomplished without the use of excessive force to get them apart.  This can lead to irreparable damage as the force required often proves greater than the strength of the parts involved.  The use of Pennsbury Manor Pen Potion No.7 greatly reduces the need for such force, reducing the chance of damage.  After use, in many cases, parts can often be separated by hand.  The convenient dropper top bottle makes the application a snap.


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  • Testimonials:

    I've broken a lot of barrels trying to remove pen sections with just soaking and heat.  Especially on Skyline pens where the barrel seems to have shrunken tight onb the section.  And some sections have metal bushings and metal barrel liners that are almost impossible to separate.  The Pen potion #7 makes it a lot safer and easier. (P.E.)


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