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Now you can bring back the deep black color and luster your black hard rubber pens and pencils once enjoyed by using Pennsbury Manor Black Hard Rubber Pen Potion No. 9 to re-blacken the oxidized, faded, and browned-out color that time and exposure to the elements has caused.  It uses the very coloring agent that was used when the pen was originally made. Pennsbury Manor Black Hard Rubber Pen Potion No. 9 is a dye that imbeds with the rubber and bonds with the original rubber in a most satisfactory way.  It is a water-based, black liquid dye that bonds with rubber but will not bond with the metal parts of the pen, so clean up of any overcoated metal is a snap.   The resulting restored color can be hand-buffed to a sheen as you can see in the pictures above.  For an even higher gloss, use Pennsbury Manor SuperShine Pen Potion No.10.   PMHBRPPNo9 comes in 1 and 2 oz bottles – enough to restore from 15 to 40 pens or more.


  • “The black is totally uniform and the former line between faded and unfaded BHR is essentially undetectable. It stood up to a great deal of hand-buffing and took a nice shine, and the  buffing didn’t appear to remove any dye whatever”          (E.V.)

    “Good stuff, Syd. I used it and with one application it restored the original looking color. Buffed up the next day; like new. It was easy. I Would recommend it to anybody.“          (D.L.)

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